Stepping Stones Appeal :: 26 Jan 11:33

In November 2008 Huw’s wife Sue (the owners of Huw Evans Picture Agency who own this site) was diagnosed with Cancer. It is something that you think will never happen to you but when it does it changes your life forever.

Huw would like to thank not only the players in the Welsh Rugby Team that have offered their help but also the Officials of the Welsh Rugby Union and Millennium Stadium as well as everyone from the Regional Rugby sides. Sue is a real fighter and someone who remains very positive and with the help of the Medical staff who are looking after her we are ready for the battle.

This website has received in the last year nearly 2 million visitors who I hope have enjoyed the service that we run and now we are asking all you visitors for some help. Firstly we need you to think positive thoughts about Sue’s lung recovering and secondly we would love your support for new campaign that is being launched by Velindre Hospital in Cardiff. It is called ‘Stepping Stones’ and is directly involved in raising funds to help fight lung cancer.

The Stepping Stones Appeal website is a quick and easy way anyone can help Velindre Hospital and the fight against lung cancer.

Just think if everyone who visited the site in the last year donated £1, Lung Cancer Research in Cardiff would have nearly £2 million pounds to help in this fight. And don’t think that Lung Cancer just happens to smokers, it doesn’t…Sue didn’t smoke and her type of Lung Cancer is not brought on by smoking.

Please keep coming back to the site and helping us in this fight. If you have any ideas yourself for raising money for Velindre Hospital Stepping Stones Appeal please contact us at