WRU host inaugural Sports Medicine Conference

The inaugural WRU Annual Sports Medicine Conference was held at the Millennium Stadium last week (Thursday), with sports medicine practitioners from across Wales in attendance.

Organised by the WRU’s National Medical Manager, Prav Mathema and National Team Doctor, Geoff Davies, the conference welcomed sports medicine specialists to the home of Welsh rugby to advise them on the advances of the WRU’s medical strategy and to discuss the industry’s current research and best practices.

Mr Mathema and Dr Davies were joined by senior WRU physiotherapist Dr Craig Ranson and WRU Head of Physical Performance Adam Beard, as well as expert speakers from across the U.K in addressing delegates on current injury consensus and literature as well as specific rugby injuries.

The day allowed participants to understand current WRU medical policy as well as discuss current sport medicine research including injury management and surveillance.

WRU Chief Executive Roger Lewis welcomed delegates to the conference and said: “The WRU Annual Sports Medicine Conference is an incredible initiative and our thanks must go to Prav and Geoff for organising and delivering the event.

“The WRU has led the way in sports medicine and the conference is an ideal opportunity to showcase what we are trying to achieve and provide a platform for industry discussion.

“It’s important the sports industry works together to exchange ideas and share best practices and the event has provided that.”

Speaking at the conclusion of the conference Mr Mathema said: “I’m delighted to have aided in the organisation of this inaugural event which we hope will be a catalyst for a number of additional events in the future.

“It is a great opportunity to be able to converse and share current sports and exercise medicine practice with our peers and it is something that previously has not been possible.

“We hope events like this will enable us to deliver the highest possible sports medicine to players and benefit the whole of Welsh sport.”

Dr Geoff Davies added: “The conference was very well attended and received.

“The event attracted sports physicians, GP’s, physiotherapists, orthopaedic consultants, strength and conditioning coaches as well as medical students and it was great to have all that knowledge involved.

“The conference will become an annual event which will help keep Wales at the forefront of sports medicine development.”