The Scarlets Issue Statement About George North

The Scarlets would like to respond to a public statement made by the WRU outlining comments regarding the region’s player George North as follows:

As a region, wherever possible we will continue to uphold our policy and values as a business not to be drawn into individual discussions about the contractual status of any of our players or members of staff.

This has been increasingly difficult given the amount of speculation and debate from outside our region surrounding George’s future as a Scarlets player.

At a meeting of Scarlets supporters at Parc Y Scarlets last Thursday, our stance regarding public discussions about players’ contracts was backed fully by our support base, respecting our aim to maintain a spirit of fairness and privacy to the individuals involved.

The Scarlets are therefore astonished and disappointed that the governing body of Welsh rugby has chosen to speak about an individual player from within our region publicly in this fashion.

We must therefore clarify, that at no time has the WRU made any proposal to us to help retain any player international or otherwise within our region.

Any contract discussions involving George North have only taken place within the last two months including the Scarlets offer of a three-year contract extension that was the very best offer that the club could make.

As is usual business practice, any contractual discussions regarding players take place with their agent or representatives responsible.

As the Scarlets have publicly stated, it has been our wish to retain George North within our Scarlets squad and the region has put forward a substantial offer to keep him in West Wales – an offer which still stands.

We also recognise, George is a player of immense talent and has many options available to him in his future playing career.

We would hope that everybody now respects George’s privacy and gives him the time and space to ensure that he makes the right decision for him at a very important point in his career.