Book Launched! :: 03 Nov 18:32

We’re pleased to announce the availability of “The Best of the Best”, a new book by Alun Wyn Bevan and Huw Evans.

All of the stars featured have donated their time to help raise money for the Stepping Stones Appeal which aims to fund research at Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff

To quote from the book’s website ..

“Sports fans love lists. They love choosing their ‘Best Evers’: their ten best outside halves, their outstanding Olympians or their favourite films. Or whatever! But imagine what it would be like to know who and what the sports stars themselves, and indeed their celebrity supporters, would include in their lists.

Who does Barry John rate as the best outside halves ever? Who are J.P.R. Williams’s fifteen tennis titans? What are Katherine Jenkins’s favourite venues? Gareth Edwards’s top nine rivers? Shane Williams’s coolest cars?

And where could Stephen Jones possibly bring Marilyn Monroe and Nelson Mandela together?

Who is the Englishman whose list includes only Welshmen? Which British and Irish Lion has chosen his fifteen favourite chocolate bars? And on whose list of stunning settings does Glyn-neath Rugby Football Club rank above Sydney Opera House?

Thanks to the ever inquisitive Alun Wyn Bevan, and to the host of photographers headed by Huw Evans, Rugby’s Best of the Best is the book to give you the answer to all these questions – and about eighty more!."

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